Element OS 9.2


Earlier this month SolidFire has released Element OS 9 Patch 2 (Fluorine build It includes support for all platforms and is a valid upgrade for any SolidFire cluster running Element OS 8.2 (Oxygen) or higher.

Some of the new features in patch 2 include

  • MDSS feature (more metadata) is not supported on all platforms. It is a support enabled feature at this time.
  • The vCenter Plugin has been updated to version 3. This was a complete re-write of the plugin and it now includes support for vSphere 6.5 and VVols 1/VASA 2. The new plugin focuses on pulling much more functionality from the SF GUI into vCenter and includes about 75% coverage of all storage tasks. I particularly like the VVols piece 🙂

There are also some very notable bug fixes that are included with this patch that will go a long way to improving the behavior of the cluster in a number of areas.

  • Fixed some issues when doing VM level replication to a VVol datastore
  • Resolved issues with tagging the primary storage VLAN and other general network improvements related to VLANs
  • Better performance under conditions with a very high number of iSCSI sessions
  • Better behavior when adding Element OS 8.x nodes to a 9.x cluster
  • Fix to allow faster loading of the SF GUI in ‘dark sites’
  • Lots of other under the covers fixes for general improvements in performance and stability

Get your update on!

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