VMware SVGA 3D Driver for Windows 2016

While upgrading my lab from Windows 2012 R2 infrastructure VMs to Windows Server 2016 I noticed I was getting warnings from the installer stating the VMtools provided SVGA 3D driver was not compatible.
This VMware KB article for Windows 10 states changing the guest OS type is the appropriate action but changing the guest OS version to Windows Server 2016 didn’t help. Since I was in a pinch for time, I went ahead and did the update and ended up with a generic Windows graphic driver which is almost as bad as not having VMtools installed at all.

Even though I’m still running vSphere 6.0 U2, thought I’d give an updated VMtools package a try. Thankfully VMware has already published the updated VMtools driver package for ESXi 6.5 here. 


Currently that version is 10.1.0-4449150 and included in file VMware-tools-10.1.0-4449150-x86_64.exe

Installed that package and everything works 🙂 This changed the reported version of VMtools in the Web Client from 10246 to 10272. vmtoolsversion10272

Probably not supported solution, but if you are in a pinch…

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