Install SolidFire PowerShell module with Group Policy

As you may have heard, SolidFire released a PowerShell module earlier this week. Since I’m building up a new lab environment I decided it should be part of my standard server build. In the spirit of automation, I decided to use good old fashioned group policy to push it out to my designated server hosts. This is pretty simple to do if you haven’t done it previously.
  1. Create (or modify) a GPO that targets the servers that will get the software package. In my case, I have an existing GPO called “Server Systems” I’ll be using that targets the “Server” OU as shown below. 1-GPO-Software-Install
  2. Edit the GPO and navigate to Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Software Settings -> Software Installation. Right click and select New -> Package2-GPO-Software-Install
  3. Select the location of the “SolidFire_PowerShell_1_0_0_28-install.msi” file. This should be on a network share that is accessible to all the hosts that will receive the package. Select the “Assigned” radio button and click the OK button to finish adding the package. 3-GPO-Software-Install
  4. Group policy can take up to 90 minutes to refresh, but if you don’t want to wait that long you can force an update through GPMC by right clicking on the OU containing the servers and selecting Group Policy Update. This will speed things up a bit as the computers should get the updates within 10 minutes.4-GPO-Software-Install4.1-GPO-Software-Install
  5. To verify that the applicable GPO was applied a report with the output of gpresult can be run by login into a server and running gpresult /H %userprofile%\desktop\report.html In the example below, the policy was applied and the system is waiting for a reboot to complete. 5-GPO-Software-Install
  6. After the next reboot, the PSM should have installed.5.1-GPO-Software-Install5.2-GP-Software-Install
  7. Enjoy some PowerShell!Screenshot 2015-10-08 11.14.06

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