Sometimes, things just have to change and you leave the familiar and embrace the unknown. Since 2007 I have thoroughly enjoyed working at EMC/VCE doing a myriad of different things, from being a solutions engineer at EMC focused on VDI to being a platform architect at VCE. I’ve had the pleasure of working with just flat out amazing people during that time doing some awesome stuff, but that itch to do something a little bit dangerous was something I just couldn’t scratch… until now.

The opportunity to join SolidFire as their VDI architect was just too attractive to pass up. I <heart> storage and they needed someone who could help them tell their VDI story and so the decision to jump was made. 

AllTheShirts jpg large

As I went through my closet I was surprised by the shear number of EMC/VCE shirts I had accumulated through trade shows and customer work. Each has their own story to tell and they brought back many fond memories, but I’m looking forward to making some new ones at SolidFire.

As @NixFred would say… GiddyUp.

P.s. I donated all the shirts to the local VCE office so folks in positions not likely to get shirts could enjoy them 🙂

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